Class : Medi Flow

Relaxing, reviving, rejuvenating beginners based yoga class.
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This class has been designed to help de-stress, de-clutter and de-liver the most uplifting sense of calmness, clarity and balance to the body and the mind. These days our lives have become so busy, that it is very easy for us to disconnect and become quite swept up, anxious and very stressed out. Meditation has been proven to help us ground and center ourselves. By concentrating on our breath, emptying our thoughts, and focusing on the things that we do want in order to bring us fulfillment and joy, we are able to lift ourselves to a higher state. In this class, we also use gentle movements/positions in order for us to enhance our awareness and create much more physical openness, providing a welcomed release physically, and mentally. After only a few classes, you will be more flexible and definitely on your way to being a master of your own mind.

All of our classes are hot, using infrared heating panels. Please consult your doctor first, if you have any concerns regarding our hot yoga studio.


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