Class : Pilates Flow

Pilates based flow designed to lengthen, strengthen & tone.
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Pilates Flow is a mat-based pilates inspired by Joseph Pilates, who introduced pilates into the USA to help rehabilitate athletes and dancers who were injured. Pilates requires concentration and focus. In this 45 minute class, you will be tested and shaken to your absolute core. It works on deeply strengthening the core muscles, improving your everyday posture, as well as helping to limit low-back pain. You will be moving your body through precise ranges of motion, which will lengthen and stretch all of your major muscle groups in a very balanced way. In this carefully designed class, minimal props are used to help limit injury, and as such, you will mostly be utilising and working with your own body weight. You will improve your overall flexibility, muscle strength and tone of your core, hips and thighs, and imrpove your muscular control. It will also help with stress management as well as improving your overall concentration. You will definitely sweat and be motivated and uplifted by the rocking beats we have accompanying this class. The HIIT section will help improve your cardio-vascular health, sky-rocketing your heart rate with our high intensity jams at the end. It’s a perfect class for those who really want an overall fitness wake-up. Suitable for all levels.

All of our classes are hot, using infrared heating panels. Please consult your doctor first, if you have any concerns regarding our hot yoga studio.

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