Class : Bikram Flow

BF is a hatha-style beginners yoga class always 2 breathing exercises & 26 postures.
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This is an all-over, energising class, that is inspired by the original Bikram Yoga method. Conducted in the heated room in a one-hour express class. This class is consistent. It comprises of the same yoga exercises- two breathing exercises and 26 beginners’ based postures that do not change. We always start the class with a breathing technique exercise, then proceed to a standing series of postures. After the standing postures have finished, we move to the floor and complete the class with floor series of exercises. These postures are quite deep, massaging internal organs and stimulating blood flow. This yoga class combines balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. The series is wonderful to build cardiovascular strength, and also cleverly designed to suit those with chronic knee and hip injuries. It will challenge you and uplift you.

All of our classes are hot, using infrared heating panels. Please consult your doctor first, if you have any concerns regarding our hot yoga studio.

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