Hot Yoga Studio by Ash Constance

Hot Yoga Studios, yoga, pilates and meditation – but not as you know it. We have innovated the yoga world AND charged forward with a new sequence of classes to help deliver you the very best in health and fitness. Curated by Dr Ash Constance, chiropractor and yoga specialist, these fun & uplifting classes will help you feel de-stressed, stronger and more toned, and YES, more flexible. We add the very best heat as well the very best BEATS to help you smile through your challenging 60-minute classes. Tailored for beginner’s to advanced students, alike, we are sure there is a class that will suit you. And yes, you will always come back wanting more. Our team offer bikram flow, slow flow, medi flow, pilates flow & go flow to the local Heidelberg community.

Your HYS team have been handpicked and trained to bring you the very best in Ash Constance’s method. We will do everything we can to make sure you feel and become the very best version of you! Join us.

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Slow Flow

Our signature class, designed by Ash Constance, flowing yoga poses in the heat.

Medi Flow

Relaxing, reviving, rejuvenating beginners based yoga class.

Pilates Flow

Pilates based flow designed to lengthen, strengthen & tone.

Go Flow

AC’s signature yoga class INTENSIFIED for intermediate/advanced level.

Bikram Flow

BF is a hatha-style beginners yoga class always 2 breathing exercises & 26 postures.

About AsH

Doctor, Alignment & Control Specialist

Ash Constance is a yoga specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic, completing a Master’s degree in Chiropractic science at RMIT university.

In 2009 she completed a yoga training in Palm Springs USA, and received the ‘Best Yogini’ award in 2009. Ash also trained in Barre Yoga in Los Angeles in 2014, yin yoga, and completed her Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) in 2016. She employs these modalities in her work as a body alignment, fascia and movement specialist. Ash has been an Ambassador for various health and fitness companies, including Lululemon, and is currently a 2018 Ambassador for Pilot Athletic. Ash is passionate about working with like-minded people who share a similar approach to healthcare and vitality. Her vision is to inspire a global community, expanding and stretching the bodies and minds of the masses, stimulating the transformation of everyone to grow into the very best version of themselves!

“My vision is to innovate and inspire a global community, to stretch, expand & transform their bodies and minds’.”

Ash Constance, CEO AC Yoga studios


What People Are Saying

Ash is very accommodating in her classes. Her knowledge is exceptional – you can learn so much from her in just one class. She is very supportive and encouraging to all her students.

Go Flow has become one of my favourite classes as it has helped me with my flexibility and co-ordination . It has also given me the strength and willingness to strive to best the best I can.

Deb Macdonald

Since practicing Go flow it has improved my strength, stamina and flexibility very quickly which has had a flow on effect with a definite improvement in my Bikram Yoga practice. Ash’s energy, beautiful words of encouragement keep me motivated though this challenging yet enjoyable class that continues to push me to my edge and into postures that I never thought I could physically do. Yoga leaves me with such a strong sense of accomplishment. This is truly a favourite of mine, thank you.

Michelle Cordi

Since coming to hot flow yoga, I have noticed positive changes to my mind and body. I feel that I have become stronger and more balanced with more stamina and flexibility. Ash’s classes are motivating and challenging, improving my yoga practice for the better. She is an experienced, attentive and inspiring teacher. This is a complete mind & body workout with significant results! Love it! Thanks Ash!

Susie Temouskous

Ash-Yoga, Pilates and Meditation, live-streamed with all your favourite teachers from the comfort of your home. There’s never been a better time to prioritise yourself and connect with your community!

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